Newborn Assessment

Immediate Care of the Newborn Simultaneous activities: – Assess and stabilize – Evaluate if cardiac/respiratory help needed for baby to initiate breathing S/S respiratory distress: – grunting- noise on exhalation           Retractions – nasal flaring                                      Cyanosis – Lack of respiratory effort – Respiratory- suction secretions from the airway. – Cardiac: Always take apical pulse for 1… Continue reading Newborn Assessment

NCLEX Quick Tips

NCLEX Quick Review Pharmacology

MAOIs – Do not give food with tyramine as it may cause hypertensive crisis. Do not give tetracycline at bed time. Do not let patients lie down because it might cause gastric reflux. Do not give metformin to someone having procedures with contrast dye. Metformin can cause acute renal failure. Drawing insulin – (RN), Draw… Continue reading NCLEX Quick Review Pharmacology

Prometric Exam

How to apply for DHA Nursing Registration

Steps in applying for DHA Nursing Registration The first thing an aspiring Dubai Nurse needs to know is that the application is done online. There is no need to go to their main office to apply since they will only direct you to their website. Create a user ID and gather requirements Now, before you… Continue reading How to apply for DHA Nursing Registration