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How to apply for DHA Nursing Registration

Steps in applying for DHA Nursing Registration

The first thing an aspiring Dubai Nurse needs to know is that the application is done online. There is no need to go to their main office to apply since they will only direct you to their website.

  1. Create a user ID and gather requirements

Now, before you start with the process, you need to make sure that you have the necessary documents required. You also need to create a user ID with a valid email address at

The licensing requirements are applicable to both nursing graduates from UAE and international universities.

  • Documents Required   for DHA Nursing Registration

Below are the list of documents that should be CLEARLY scanned for your online application

  • Copy of Graduation Certificate
  • Diploma Certificate
  • Transcript
  • Experience certificate by Human Resources, Nursing or from a Medical Director
  • Nursing Registration Certificate
  • Good standing Certificate from the Licensing authority
  • Passport Copy
  • One color Passport size Photo with white background.
  • High School Diploma
  • Valid BLS certificate

If you are Post Basic B.Sc Nursing candidate from India,  then you should also upload along with the above documents the following as well.

  1. Diploma Certificate
  2. GNM Registration Certificate
  3. GNM Transcript
  4. GNM Mark Lists


  1. Scan and upload the documents

If you’re sure that you have met the required documents, and had them clearly scanned, then you can upload them to the site. Remember to name each document according to what they are (not just document 1, document 2, etc.,) and upload in the required field.

  1. Download authorization letter

On the last page, download and print the authorization letter, sign it and upload it back with your particulars and date.  On getting to the payment section, you need to pay 220 AED online as the application fees (you can use credit cards for this transaction). Then wait for 6 weeks for the evaluation of your credentials. Next you will receive an email to validate your application.

  1. Pay PSV fee

After validation, you will be required to pay for the Primary Source Verification which involves DHA verifying your educational qualifications, experience certificate and professional license. You will be sent an email with a link to pay 966AED for the primary source verification. In this step, your educational qualifications, working experience and professional qualifications are verified from the issuing authorities.

The results will take 30 to 60 days and is received via email. You can also follow up on your status through their website.If you wish to postpone your payment, you can do so, but only for 3 months at most.

  1. Schedule your exam

At some point, though the PSV is still ongoing, you will receive an email that you can now schedule your exam. The email consists of an Eligibility ID which you can use to schedule your exam and will only be active in the prometric system ( 5 working days after the date of issue. The exam fee is 230 USD.

  1. Pass the exam

You will be required to sit in and take the Dubai Prometric exam. This computer-based, multiple-choice exam is 2 hours long and consists of 70 questions. Out of the choices, you have to select one best answer and are expected to score AT LEAST 60%. Results are usually released within 5 working days through email.

If you pass the exam, the congratulations! You will receive an eligibility letter which you can attach to your CV while you apply for a job in Dubai. The letter is valid for only a year (1 year). Once you have a sponsor/employer, they will do the remaining formalities. You can find the updates in your Sheryan ( DHA Account).

For those who were not able to make it, note that you have just three attempts to pass this exam else you will have to show evidence of further studies before you will be allowed to retake it for the fourth time.

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